About Us

Welcome to Happy Chomp! We are a West Los Angeles based food blog that focuses on all things food whether professionally made by chefs or amateurishly made by yours truly. Ideally, we’d love to travel around the world, sharing the food and culture of each destination, but as Rihanna so aptly stated, we’ve got to “work work work.” That being said, any free time from Corporate America we can get, you’ll see us checking out the latest food craze or dining at the top must-eat places around LA and surrounding areas.

Meanwhile, even though none of us know how to cook, we also love finding or developing creative recipes with common everyday ingredients. Happy Chomp caters towards foodies who want to explore the food scene in LA and also want to have some fun in the kitchen. We are by no means Gordon Ramsay, but we promise you we will at least be a little more lighthearted!

Crystal Tai // LinkedIn + INSTAGRAM

My name is Crystal, and I’m a foodie photography hobbyist. Firstly, I love food. I’m a huge believer that food truly embodies a region’s culture through a visual and edible form. I plan my free time around trying new restaurants or cooking, and I organize my travel agendas around the places I want to eat at. Meanwhile, in recent years, I’ve developed an equal love for photography. After having worked in Finance for the past few years, which is by far the most creative industry out there, I yearned for another creative outlet to document and share my passions for food and photography. These days, I’m constantly on the lookout for new restaurants while trying to balance it out with a ‘relatively’ healthy lifestyle... take 'relatively' with a grain of salt.

Leah Lui // LinkedIn + INSTAGRAM

My name is Leah Lui, and I’m your stereotypical SoCal #basicbitch: kale-loving, green juice-drinking, bottomless mimosas-clinking yoga-enthusiast. The only thing missing in that equation is a bomb-ass insta feed because I might be the world’s worst photographer. Though you’ll never see any of my photos on the site, you’ll most definitely see me pigging my way around LA and travels. As a self-proclaimed foodie and healthnut, when I’m not checking out the newest hotspots, you can find me in the kitchen trying to be the next Chrissy Teigen (minus the celebrity hubby).

Jane Beck // LinkedIn + INSTAGRAM

Jane Beck is a a graduate from UCLA who received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics in 2013. She is currently working as a Financial Analyst at The Walt Disney Company in Burbank.